Woof Woof Stays at the Westin in Portland, ME

Woof Woof had his first visit to a Westin when he was 7 weeks old. He was on his trip home to New York from Texas, doing his first travel article his dog parent, me, for Costco Connection. Now, Woof Woof’s two and this is photo on the same bed. You can click here to see the original pic, i.e. his puppy photo.

Woof Woof loves Westin hotels in general, but the Westin in Portland, ME had some special dog friendly touches. We were given Maine chocolates for humans to go with Woof Woof’s treats that happened to say Woof Woof.

Every inch of the hotel smelled like dog. Woof Woof’s nose barely left the floor. He’s very entertained by the smell of other dogs. The hotel is so dog friendly, there was barely a moment we didn’t see a dog pass by. Large canines were just as common as small ones. A St. Bernard was a guest at the same time Woof Woof was.

In the room, he loved the human bed and his special Westin dog bed. Oddly the room was too many floors up. Woof Woof prefers floor 6 or below so he can see and hear people on the ground. The only change we would make next time is asking for a lower level room. While I like the skyline view, Woof Woof doesn’t. Both he and I would happily stay at the Westin again.

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