Woof Woof reviews El Portal Sedona for Breakfast

El Portal Hotel in Sedona was ranked as the 2013 top dog-friendly hotel in the country by USA Today.Woof Woof was in awe. He even respected the no peeing sign on one of the cactus gardens. He sniffed and then waited to hike his leg in an approved area.

The boutique hotel with only 12 rooms is situated in the midst of downtown Sedona. The creek has a behind the property is part of the energy vortex, a mythical place that’s said to be a swirling center of spiritual energy for meditation, healing, and self-awareness. Woof Woof stood by the edge of the creek and dipped his head in to lap up all the positive energy he could. He probably had memories of drinking from the same spot when he was a pup.

The hotel was full the night we went, so he just came in for breakfast. The lodge-like setting was so welcoming, he could sit by the fire, on my lap, or on the floor. The sausage Woof Woof had was hand-blended. For humans, the corn tortillas and salsa on the the Heuvos Rancheros were the best I’ve ever eaten. And I grew up out West and spent time in Mexico.

The dress code was casual. So much so, some diners came straight from their rooms in Navaho patterned robes.

We’ll review the hotel another time, but I can safely say it was one of the best places if not the best place I’ve ever seen to take your dog for breakfast.


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