Woof Woof Reviews The Camby Hotel in Phoenix

The Camby Hotel in Phoenix merges the charm of kitschy, themed roadside motel with the more sophisticated features and points redemption options of a Autograph Collection hotel by Marriott.

At the front desk, you could check out record players, records, and musical instruments: awesome for the musically inclined, not as awesome for nearby hotel guests who may not be fond of loud music. Everyone could escape to the heated, rooftop pool.

The rooms had Moo lamps and pictures of fuzzy bird toys with clothes pins. For Woof Woof, the beds, as always, provided great opportunity for jumping from one mattress to the other.

The highlight of his visit happened on an early morning walk. At 530am, the fire pits that were still blazing from the night before.

The only hotel staff nearby was the bell captain 20 feet away. He could peacefully look at the fire and sit on my lap outside for a bit. For a dog that grew up hanging out in NYC coffeeshops, those public lap time moments are his comfort zone.

Overall, the location is wonderful as it’s in the Biltmore district. There isn’t a lot of green space nearby, so expect to walk your pooch near shopping centers and busy city streets. The pet fee is reasonable at $100 per stay. Unfortunately, too many hotels charge $100 per night. The hotel is a cool place for small dogs, but dogs over 25 pounds aren’t allowed.

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