Rosen Centre and Rosen Shingle Creek Hotels in Orlando, Florida

How could a Brooklyn dog not feel comfortable in a hotel with two New York Delis? He barely knew he was in a hotel when he was staying at the Rosen Centre hotel. He didn’t roll around on the comfy bed like he normally does when on vacation.This was home and everyone treated him like he belonged there. The front desk staff asked all about his recent adventures. It was almost like he just came back from a long trip, and they wanted to hear his stories.

Beforehand, we were just down the road at another Rosen property, the Rosen Shingle Creek. FinCon, the annual Financial Bloggers conference, occurred the three days prior. Rosen hotels are dog welcoming and circle the Orlando Convention Center area. It was his intro to how his Orlando world would be. Almost everyone from staff to attendees stopped to pet him. He never had so much attention. The staff talked to me about their own dogs. Outdoors, the groundskeepers driving golf carts would stop and offer him water.

Elevators in the Rosen Centre definitely smelled like dog. He knew he wasn’t their first canine guest. The pet fee is a bit high at $150 per stay, but it covers up to 7 nights. If staying more than a couple of days, you’ll make the difference in not having to pay for doggie daycare or pet sitting services because your fully pals are welcome to stay in the room by themselves. When you walk them there is a special dog grassy bathroom area outside with poop bags and a trash can.

You will have to bring your own dog bowls as they aren’t provided. My back up plan if I forget is to ask for plastic or paper bowls. I always debate whether a hotel is pet welcoming if doesn’t have these amenities, but the staff did everything possible to make sure he always felt welcome.

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