Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn

Thinking about a quick trip to Brooklyn? Here’s what you need to know if you stay in the Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn based on Woof  Woof’s Visit:


  • Woof Woof, and other dogs,  are often offered the corner room.
  • Breakfast included free egg white omelets. There were also free pancakes and toast, but Woof Woof wasn’t as fond of these options.
  • The neighborhood is convenient if you are spending a lot of time in downtown Brooklyn. We were able to walk to quite a few dog friendly bars and coffeeshops. The Barclay Center is just 5 minutes away and the nearby subway station offers a quick route to most of Manhattan.


  • The biggest drawback to the hotel is the steep pet fee of $100 per dog per night.
  • The maximum weight per dog is 50 pounds. If you stayed in this hotel for 5 nights with two dogs, you’d add $1,000 to the price of your stay. One dog would add $500.
  • There are nearby hotels with a much lower pet fee. For instance, the Nu hotel in Brooklyn has a pet fee of $100 for the entire stay. The Aloft hotel in Queens doesn’t charge a pet fee at all and allows any size dog.

The verdict on this hotel is go ahead and book it if you happen to be in town for an event at the Barclay Center or to see friends or attractions within walking distance. Otherwise, you may be better off with a different hotel with a lower pet fee.


Photo by Nora Sovasnick

Woof Woof Reviews the Kimpton Glover Park in DC

Woof Woof nor I have ever been disappointed by a Kimpton Hotel, and this hotel kicked up the dog and human friendliness up a notch. The elevators are right next to the front desk, so we chatted with them and they doted over Woof Woof each time he passed by.

The location was semi-perfect. It’s a smaller hotel located in Georgetown amidst beautiful Victorian homes and blocks away from rows of international embassies. While the neighborhood is amazing, the public transportation experience isn’t. Expect to walk about a mile to the nearest Metro train station. You can also wait for the complimentary shuttle to the train station. 

Room service was fit for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The room service staff didn’t think twice about dividing my waffle in two and putting the Nutella on my side and just the whipped cream on his.

As with any Kimpton Hotel, it is pet fee free for dogs of any size or breed.

What Airbnb Hosts Need to Know About Being Pet Friendly


I’ve stayed in dozens of Airbnbs with my mini schnauzer, Woof Woof. Most have been wonderful experiences. We even had one host sort through guest requests hoping one would have a dog. He didn’t have the time to have a pet, so he loved the idea of having one that stays a few days and has someone else to take care of them. He would walk Woof Woof, with my permission, when I wasn’t home.

If you are an Airbnb Host – or thinking about becoming one, here’s what you need to know about accepting pets.

  1. Be specific in house rules. You can have a wonderful experience hosting pets and still choose the kind of pets you’re willing to accept. For instance, you may list that you only accept dogs of a certain size, such as under 25 pounds. You can also decide whether or not you accept cats, birds or rodents. Pet-friendly refers to all pets, so you want to be specific. Samples of what you can say are only small dogs, accepts dogs and cats, or message me first if bringing a pet other than a small dog. You can also set behavioral guidelines. You may decide to have quiet hours after 11p including barking, meowing, or a bird chirping. Thus, after 11p, dogs and cats should be with their human traveler at this time. A bird may be soothed by their human being home, too. You can also decide whether or not you expect a pet to be crated or caged when alone.
  2. Don’t use Instabook if you aren’t willing to accept all pets. Instabook is a feature on Airbnb that you’ll automatically accept all guest requests. It’s helpful for saving time if you don’t want to take the time to screen guests, but it may mean you could host a cat when you’re allergic. You could also have a Great Dane show up at your door when you have a small apartment. Someone could have pet rats that occasionally get loose and run around your home. Clear house rules will help you use this feature well, because potential guests will know about your pet preferences first.
  3. Talk about your own pets in the house rules. Is your dog playful? Does he or she get territorial? Will she be confined to one area? Is there minimal barking? Guests look at the description of the other pet, so they know or not their pet would be a good fit for your household. When guests arrive, you may need a ritual ready for introducing new pets based on how your pet bonds with other dogs. Some dogs bond over a walk or a play date at the park. For others, it’s just a quick sniff on leash. It may also be getting treats at the same time with their new friend. But you also have an older pet may be intimidated if the other dog jumps that may just want to chill in its room. Always remember, you’re inviting someone to share your home. You can and should ask questions beforehand about pets or be very specific in house rules. The result is a better experience for everyone.

To sign up to be an Airbnb host click here:



Check Out My Latest Post on Nerd Wallet on Pet Vacations

When you decide to go to a new locale, you want to know cool stuff your dog can do with you. My favorite activity in the whole piece was a theme park called Dinosaur World. There’s nothing more exciting for your canine friend than bone exhibits. Check it out.


Rosen Centre and Rosen Shingle Creek Hotels in Orlando, Florida

How could a Brooklyn dog not feel comfortable in a hotel with two New York Delis? He barely knew he was in a hotel when he was staying at the Rosen Centre hotel. He didn’t roll around on the comfy bed like he normally does when on vacation.This was home and everyone treated him like he belonged there. The front desk staff asked all about his recent adventures. It was almost like he just came back from a long trip, and they wanted to hear his stories.

Beforehand, we were just down the road at another Rosen property, the Rosen Shingle Creek. FinCon, the annual Financial Bloggers conference, occurred the three days prior. Rosen hotels are dog welcoming and circle the Orlando Convention Center area. It was his intro to how his Orlando world would be. Almost everyone from staff to attendees stopped to pet him. He never had so much attention. The staff talked to me about their own dogs. Outdoors, the groundskeepers driving golf carts would stop and offer him water.

Elevators in the Rosen Centre definitely smelled like dog. He knew he wasn’t their first canine guest. The pet fee is a bit high at $150 per stay, but it covers up to 7 nights. If staying more than a couple of days, you’ll make the difference in not having to pay for doggie daycare or pet sitting services because your fully pals are welcome to stay in the room by themselves. When you walk them there is a special dog grassy bathroom area outside with poop bags and a trash can.

You will have to bring your own dog bowls as they aren’t provided. My back up plan if I forget is to ask for plastic or paper bowls. I always debate whether a hotel is pet welcoming if doesn’t have these amenities, but the staff did everything possible to make sure he always felt welcome.

Woof Woof Stays at the Westin in Portland, ME

Woof Woof had his first visit to a Westin when he was 7 weeks old. He was on his trip home to New York from Texas, doing his first travel article his dog parent, me, for Costco Connection. Now, Woof Woof’s two and this is photo on the same bed. You can click here to see the original pic, i.e. his puppy photo.

Woof Woof loves Westin hotels in general, but the Westin in Portland, ME had some special dog friendly touches. We were given Maine chocolates for humans to go with Woof Woof’s treats that happened to say Woof Woof.

Every inch of the hotel smelled like dog. Woof Woof’s nose barely left the floor. He’s very entertained by the smell of other dogs. The hotel is so dog friendly, there was barely a moment we didn’t see a dog pass by. Large canines were just as common as small ones. A St. Bernard was a guest at the same time Woof Woof was.

In the room, he loved the human bed and his special Westin dog bed. Oddly the room was too many floors up. Woof Woof prefers floor 6 or below so he can see and hear people on the ground. The only change we would make next time is asking for a lower level room. While I like the skyline view, Woof Woof doesn’t. Both he and I would happily stay at the Westin again.

Woof Woof Meets Santa Claus in Finland

Updated December 18, 2018

Wondering what it would be like for your small dog to meet Santa Claus in the North Pole.

Woof Woof’s Guide to Art Gallery Etiquette

With Tips from Jessica Dawson and Rocky, canine curator of the first ever US art show for dogs

When Woof Woof went to an art exhibit, he was more interested in greeting every gallery visitor than in the art work, but now I know why – none of the art work was at his eye level. I never would have thought about that until I interviewed Jessica Dawson, curator for Dogumenta. She’s an art critic, who’s been taking her dog Rocky to art galleries for years.

How do you know if your dog is interested in the art work?

Rocky may yawn with disinterest, turn away, or look intently. He’s a bit prudish and turns away from work that’s of a more risqué nature. She points to pieces to get his opinion. And with Dogumenta, he really is not only helping to pick the pieces but working with the artists as they create their work. If he turns away, they know he’s displeased. While the canine color palate is yellow, blue and gray, they can still appreciate texture and other aspects of art. Read more

How Woof Woof Met his Intern, Bollywood Lead Actress Reeth Mazmuder

You know the old song lyric “I was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar when I met you” Woof Woof’s lyric to Reeth would be “I was sitting on my dog mom’s lap in a coffee shop when I met you” But instead of the line with “Don’t you want me,” it would be “Of course, you want me, I’m an adorable, smart dog, why would you leave me?”

Here’s the full version of the lyrics to the Human League song adapted by the Canine Human League:

I was sitting on my dog mom’s lap, when I met you
you picked me up
wouldn’t let that man you were with hold me, too.
didn’t want someone new

Now 4 months later on, you’re my favorite intern
Success is easy with canine smarts
Don’t forget your holding me where I am now
And you can give me treats, too.

Of course. Of course, you want me.
I’m a smart dog, why would you leave me?
Of course. Of course, you want me.
I’m adorable, why would you leave me?

It’ll be too late when you’ve finally changed your mind
Your work visa will be expired and we will both be sorry
Don’t you want this doggie?
Don’t you want me, oh?
Don’t you want this doggie?
Don’t you want me, oh?

You were sitting on your dog mom’s lap, when I met you
That much is true
The four months we’ve had have been such good times
You hardly ever bark. (or You’re always behaved)
The twinkle in your eyes, our walks in the park
I still love you
But even then I knew I’d go home to India
I guess it’s just what I must do

Of course. Of course, you want me.
I’m a smart dog, why would you leave me?
Of course. Of course, you want me.
I’m adorable, why would you leave me?
It’ll be too late when you finally changed your mind
Your work visa will be expired and we will both be sorry
Don’t you want this doggie?
Don’t you want me, oh?
Don’t you want this doggie?
Don’t you want me, oh?