Memorial Day Weekly Dog Travel Deals

Every week I look for travel deals that are cheap and great for dogs. For instance, I always pick airlines and hotel chains that I have personal flown or stayed at with Woof Woof.

Spirit Airlines versus Frontier Airlines on Pet Fees

Both Spirit and Frontier Airlines offer ridiculously cheap flights when on sale that can make up for pet fees. Spirit Airlines’ charges $110 per flight, while Frontier charges $75. $75 is the lowest fee charged by an airline in the United States that I’ve heard of. However, Spirit allows dogs up to 40 pounds that fit in their stated carrier dimensions. Woof Woof is only 15 pounds, but he’s tall. Thus, he even enjoys the roomier under-seat area.

Spirit Airlines Sales

Book by 11:59 PM EDT on May 23rd to get fares as low as $26 one way with membership in their $9 Fare club and $56 without. The sale is good for select dates in May, June and September. The $9 fare club helps you save money quickly and costs $59 to join. But that doesn’t you’ll ever get a $9 fare. But on a deal like the above, you’d make back the savings in one trip. They also offer the Discount Den for $59 for families. One kid under 15 flies free with each Discount Den member purchase. Spirit is a discount airline with a tremendous regional presence on the East coast. However, it does have destination on the West coast, in the middle of the country and as far away as South America.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines’ has a sale running through 1159pm tonight. Depending on the destination your flight could be in as little as in 3 days or towards the end of summer. Always, remember to mention that there is a dog traveling with you immediately, so you confirm space. EVen if you miss the sale, they always offer the Discount Den for $59 annually. Not only does it give you exclusive offers to sales, but you get the easiest companion offer to qualify for. One kid under 15 flies free with each Discount Den member purchase. I’m on their mailing list, and they send me a new sale offer every week.

Air Portugal 

Woof woof and I are both fans of Air Portugal. The flight attendant introduced to the captain. We paid a small fee to be upgraded to roomier seats on the way there, but they gave us the bulkhead where his carrier wasn’t confined to the under-seat area. Sales are flexible and on going. Through this link, you can plug in the city you are traveling from in Europe, North America, and South America to find the best deal for you. Pet fees aren’t cheap at $185 for an intercontinental flight. But that’s cheaper than larger carriers charge such Delta. And you’ll more than make up for the pet fee with cheaper fares and free food and wine on board. We only paid $377 per human for New York to Rome roundtrip.

Hotwire Year Round Memorial Day Sale

I love the Hotwire mystery hotel Hot Rate deals. You can get four star hotels for 2 star prices. Basically, hotels are discounting a portion of their inventory and only revealing that they did it when you book. These deals are always cheap, but they are even cheaper when there is a sale going on. Use code GETAWAY10 to get 10 percent off already low Hot Rate deals anywhere in the world. Just sure you set parameters that you only want pet friendly hotels. I also only pick hotels with high customer ratings and limit the search to neighborhoods that are close to near we need to be in each city.

Happy travels! Come back every week for a selection of canine welcoming travel options for cheap.






Woof Woof Visits The North Pole In Finland

Woof Woof loves attention and has lots of international friends, canine and human. One of the most amazing things I’ve noticed is people who speak English to me will speak in their native language to him. Check him out exploring Finland and getting to know everyone from Santa’s elves to children from all over the world. The kids were as eager to meet Woof Woof as they were to meet Santa Claus.

Checkout my Latest Post on Nerd Wallet about Pet in Cabin Costs

Flying with a pet can get expensive. I’ve found international airlines have cheaper pet in cabin fees. If you’re flying with your pet anytime soon, checkout my latest article for Nerd Wallet that lists cabin pet fees for US and Canadian airlines.

Woof Woof Flies WestJet

When Woof Woof flies in a carrier, it’s honestly not his favorite thing. But overtime as much as he travels, he’s gotten used to it. When he gets upset for a moment, I reach my hand in and pet him. Recently, I’ve added giving him Canadian bacon training treats. He reacts to the Canadian Bacon treat the same way my friend’s child does to getting to hear Imagine Dragons’ Thunder – instant good behavior to receive quick reward.

We were happy flight attendants let Woof Woof’s carrier protrude from underneath the seat. I would have hurt him severely as the height allowance under the seat on the plane we flew on was much less than what we’re used to. Woof Woof is only 16 pounds, but he is quite tall. The underseat area in front of me wasn’t. The reason why was safety equipment cuts down the underseat storage area on some of West Jet’s flights.

Before you fly, ask the reservations agent about how much underseat room is on your plane. WestJet notes on its website “space beneath the seat varies by aircraft type.” If you get to the airport and your dog doesn’t fit underneath the seat, let the flight attendant know why. DO NOT push your dog underneath to fit. Dogs can get crushed and suffer varying degrees of injuries if squeezed too tightly.

How to Get an International Health Certificate for Your Dog

In our Woof Woof Travels episode on Finland, we were’t kidding when we said it took several visits to the vet before Woof Woof qualified to travel to Finland – or nearly any European country.

But you can drop your number of visits to with these tips:

1. Speed up International Health Certificate Approval by microchipping your pet now.

For European countries, any vaccines that were done before microchipping don’t count. Woof Woof had to wait 21 days after micro chipping to leave the country. If you’re not traveling for awhile ask your vet to microchip your dog on your next visit. Then any vaccines given during your vet visit.

2. Learn the rules now.

Every country may have a different rule on what shots and tests you may need and when they need to be performed. For instance, Woof Woof needed a dewormer within 10 days of his trip for Finland, but he didn’t need this test for Denmark. If he had not had this test, he wouldn’t have gotten to meet Santa in the Arctic Circle. Should any dog be denied that priviledge? Look up the rules for rules for pet travel for the country you are travel to on the U.S. Department of Agriculture website, you can find the link and other helpful resources for pet travel on our resources page.

2. Fill out the international health certificate form slowly.

The problem with a form that has to be filled out so close to the travel date is that a mistake on the form can cost you valuable time, possibly the whole trip. So you don’t have to postpone your travels, fill out the form carefully and double check that you’ve filled out everything that was asked of you. Preferably, fill out the form before you leave the office, so you can have your veterinarian or an assistant help you insure it’s filled out. You will have to mail the form into a state department that may be in another city.

3. Send the form FedEx (or other overnight service recommended and don’t forget the return envelop.

The international health certificate generally has to be filled out pretty close to the travel date. If you decide to wait to send the form regular mail, you’re taking chances. Always both send it overnight and provide the prepaid envelop to send it back via the same method. Remember to always have a solid place for the certificate to arrive back to you. I was in canada when Woof Woof’s form was returned. I selected for the certificate to be sent to a FedEx pick up location for when I returned home.

Revisit your veterinarian if needed, and always check guidelines as soon as soon possible. The good news about the complications is that it’s because countries in the European Union are rabies free. Your dog will be safe, and they’ll be more traceable to get back to you if lost when microchipped.