Woof Woof Reviews the LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas

While Woof Woof is not allowed in most of the main areas of the hotel, The LINQ makes up for it with rooms basically designed for doggie agility training. 

Woof Woof didn’t just love jumping between the two double beds, but he also did a high jump over the mini wall in the Deluxe Queen Suite to get to the couch. To add to small dog friendliness, there were floor length windows. 

Dogs may be left unattended in the room. However, you should always leave your cellphone number at the front desk. A bathroom relief area is available with artificial grass on the bottom floor of the parking lot.

Yuor pooch will not be bored in Vegas with outdoor restaurants, hiking in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the outdoor Neon Museum, and an indoor dog park. Plus, just across the street there are outdoor attractions: the pirate shows at the TI, the volcano at the Mirage, and the Bellagio dancing water fountain show. Because Woof Woof gets nervous on the ground in tightly packed human crowds, I pick him up for a better and more secure-feeling view when needed.

Pet fees are reasonable, too. The LINQ offers the same Pet Stay program as other Caesars Palace, where pet fees are included in room prices for specific rooms at a rate that tends to be about $35 for a non pet room in the same category. When you choose a room on the Caesars Palace website, select the Pet Stay program as a filter. What’s also included are treats, dog bowls, and a bed. The caveat is the number of Pet Stay rooms are limited and up to two dog(s) must be under 50 pounds each. Thus, always book your hotel before your flights if your pooch demands that they’ll only stay at The LINQ.

Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn

Thinking about a quick trip to Brooklyn? Here’s what you need to know if you stay in the Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn based on Woof  Woof’s Visit:


  • Woof Woof, and other dogs,  are often offered the corner room.
  • Breakfast included free egg white omelets. There were also free pancakes and toast, but Woof Woof wasn’t as fond of these options.
  • The neighborhood is convenient if you are spending a lot of time in downtown Brooklyn. We were able to walk to quite a few dog friendly bars and coffeeshops. The Barclay Center is just 5 minutes away and the nearby subway station offers a quick route to most of Manhattan.


  • The biggest drawback to the hotel is the steep pet fee of $100 per dog per night.
  • The maximum weight per dog is 50 pounds. If you stayed in this hotel for 5 nights with two dogs, you’d add $1,000 to the price of your stay. One dog would add $500.
  • There are nearby hotels with a much lower pet fee. For instance, the Nu hotel in Brooklyn has a pet fee of $100 for the entire stay. The Aloft hotel in Queens doesn’t charge a pet fee at all and allows any size dog.

The verdict on this hotel is go ahead and book it if you happen to be in town for an event at the Barclay Center or to see friends or attractions within walking distance. Otherwise, you may be better off with a different hotel with a lower pet fee.


Photo by Nora Sovasnick

Woof Woof Reviews the Kimpton Glover Park in DC

Woof Woof nor I have ever been disappointed by a Kimpton Hotel, and this hotel kicked up the dog and human friendliness up a notch. The elevators are right next to the front desk, so we chatted with them and they doted over Woof Woof each time he passed by.

The location was semi-perfect. It’s a smaller hotel located in Georgetown amidst beautiful Victorian homes and blocks away from rows of international embassies. While the neighborhood is amazing, the public transportation experience isn’t. Expect to walk about a mile to the nearest Metro train station. You can also wait for the complimentary shuttle to the train station. 

Room service was fit for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The room service staff didn’t think twice about dividing my waffle in two and putting the Nutella on my side and just the whipped cream on his.

As with any Kimpton Hotel, it is pet fee free for dogs of any size or breed.

Woof Woof Reviews the Aloft Long Island City- Manhattan View

The Aloft Long Island City-Manhattan View  is one of the coolest, cheapest, and most convenient places to stay in the New York City area.

From the expense side, no pet fee for any size dog without breed restrictions is a huge plus. Pet fees at other New York City hotels can run up to $100 per night and often limit size. While Woof Woof’s 13-inch,16-pound frame is never a problem for breed restrictions, he enjoys having larger dogs to sniff in hotels. At home, he plays with Pit Bulls and Alaskan Malamutes. The staff loves all dogs and specifically mentioned a beautiful Pit Bull that just visited.

As far as location, it’s near a massive subway station where you could get to most parts of Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan in 10 to 30 minutes.

For canine coolness, cookies for dogs are not just available next to the water bowl when your dog steps in the front door, but the front desk staff fed and gushed over Woof Woof every time he came home. He also enjoyed waterfront walks about a mile away at the Hunter’s Point South Park.

For human coolness, the lobby and courtyard is decked out with pool tables, giant jenga, and cornhole. Food is ordered through electronic screens and is extremely well-priced for the area. Free coffee and tea is available all day that can be taken up to the rooftop patio to experience the Manhattan view the hotel is named after.

The one drawback is the rooms are on the smaller side. Ask for a room in Tower B if you’d like a balcony for your pet to get a moment of fresh air.

Overall, it’s a great hotel for pets that I’d recommend over and over again.

Woof Woof Reviews The Camby Hotel in Phoenix

The Camby Hotel in Phoenix merges the charm of kitschy, themed roadside motel with the more sophisticated features and points redemption options of a Autograph Collection hotel by Marriott.

At the front desk, you could check out record players, records, and musical instruments: awesome for the musically inclined, not as awesome for nearby hotel guests who may not be fond of loud music. Everyone could escape to the heated, rooftop pool.

The rooms had Moo lamps and pictures of fuzzy bird toys with clothes pins. For Woof Woof, the beds, as always, provided great opportunity for jumping from one mattress to the other.

The highlight of his visit happened on an early morning walk. At 530am, the fire pits that were still blazing from the night before.

The only hotel staff nearby was the bell captain 20 feet away. He could peacefully look at the fire and sit on my lap outside for a bit. For a dog that grew up hanging out in NYC coffeeshops, those public lap time moments are his comfort zone.

Overall, the location is wonderful as it’s in the Biltmore district. There isn’t a lot of green space nearby, so expect to walk your pooch near shopping centers and busy city streets. The pet fee is reasonable at $100 per stay. Unfortunately, too many hotels charge $100 per night. The hotel is a cool place for small dogs, but dogs over 25 pounds aren’t allowed.

Woof Woof reviews El Portal Sedona for Breakfast

El Portal Hotel in Sedona was ranked as the 2013 top dog-friendly hotel in the country by USA Today.Woof Woof was in awe. He even respected the no peeing sign on one of the cactus gardens. He sniffed and then waited to hike his leg in an approved area.

The boutique hotel with only 12 rooms is situated in the midst of downtown Sedona. The creek has a behind the property is part of the energy vortex, a mythical place that’s said to be a swirling center of spiritual energy for meditation, healing, and self-awareness. Woof Woof stood by the edge of the creek and dipped his head in to lap up all the positive energy he could. He probably had memories of drinking from the same spot when he was a pup.

The hotel was full the night we went, so he just came in for breakfast. The lodge-like setting was so welcoming, he could sit by the fire, on my lap, or on the floor. The sausage Woof Woof had was hand-blended. For humans, the corn tortillas and salsa on the the Heuvos Rancheros were the best I’ve ever eaten. And I grew up out West and spent time in Mexico.

The dress code was casual. So much so, some diners came straight from their rooms in Navaho patterned robes.

We’ll review the hotel another time, but I can safely say it was one of the best places if not the best place I’ve ever seen to take your dog for breakfast.


Pet Friendly Travel Review: Kimpton Hotel Monaco in DC

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a conference located at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in DC, which is known for an exceptional dog friendliness. 

When we arrived, there were treats on top of the reception desk, and I honestly wasn’t sure if the bellman was opening the door for Woof Woof or me. We were equally acknowledged. 

To the side of the reception desk was a welcome area for Woof Woof including area a canine statue with top hat, a water bowl, and a doggie puzzle kit. Woof Woof sniffed every inch because he wanted to meet every past doggie by scent.

In the room, he played in the curtains and plopped down on the dog bed. As Woof Woof is only 13” tall, he didn’t notice the dramatic ceilings that must have been well over 12’ high. There was a shelf over 10’ feet off the ground with a bust of a past U.S. president. I enjoyed looking up at the political decor as much as he enjoyed looking out the window.

Outside of the room, he was allowed nearly everywhere in the hotel including conference rooms. At the cocktail hour in the lobby, he had a free cup of water and a doggy treat while I had a free glass of wine and appetizer. 

Woof Woof would strongly recommend Kimpton hotels for the hospitality and the dog scents from past guests. 

If you’re worried Kimpton Hotels might be out of your price range, you’d be surprised. I just scored a great deal on another Kimpton Hotel on Hotwire. Plus, they run specials on their website, don’t charge pet fees, and generally have free cocktail hours. Thus, my purse strings recommend Kimptons, too. 🙂

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Dog Travel Deals Week of June 4th

This week, when I look at dog travel deals, I picked two hotel chains Woof Woof has stayed in that would also welcome his larger dog friends.

Westin hotels

The Westin hotel chain holds a special place in Woof Woof’s heart. His very first photo as a pup was featured in Costco Connection on a Westin dog bed. The luxury Heavenly dog bed is essentially a mini version of the mattress Westin offers its human guests. The lowest weight limit I’ve seen at a Westin hotel was 40 pounds. The largest is limitless. At the Westin in Portland, ME, we saw St. Bernards. Pet fees, if any, vary by hotel. Always call hotels individually about fees and restrictions.

Now, onto the sale. Currently, there is a sale for 15 percent off weekend rates.

If you’re looking to travel to Canada this summer, Woof Woof loves the Westin in Toronto. The bell captain cut up a paper cup, so it was easier for Woof Woof to drink water from.

The Curio Collection by Hilton

The Highland Dallas, part of the Curio Collection, was Woof Woof’s first hotel he ever stayed in. He was 7 weeks old. He was so pampered that the staff took him on one of his first walks. He was driven in a black car to a special trail. The staff will walk your dog for you. Not a pet walking service. The hotel is so pet friendly they were featured as one of the top pet friendly hotels on Good Morning America.

Curio Collection hotels are advertising 15 percent off rooms paid in advance. Hilton Honors members can score 20 percent off. Call for individual property pet policies, amenities, services and size restrictions.

Photo by Nora Sovasnick

Woof Woof’s Weekly Dog Travels Deals

All dog travel deals are for airlines and hotels Woof Woof has experienced himself.

Kimpton Hotels

There is no better hotel chain out there for dogs than Kimpton. Woof Woof was treated almost like a human at the Kimpton in Downtown DC. He wasn’t my dog, but a hotel guest in his own right. I was surprised they didn’t offer him his own key. But they did offer him a dog treat and no pet fee.

While Kimpton is normally on the pricier side, this weekend they are offering 15 last minute deals. You could stay in Miami for as low as $116 per night. And it’s as pet fee free as any other Kimpton.

The deals are truly for last minute trips as the last night you can take advantage of this deal is June 5th.

Air Canada

Air Canada is one of my favorite airlines for dog travel to and from Canada. They generally have more under seat room than West Jet, and their in cabin fees are much cheaper than American airline carriers. Your pet can fly with you among over 50 US cities and Canada for only $50 to $59 each way, half the cost of most US airlines.

Sales are going on across Canada. Woof Woof’s favorite city of Kelowna, a beautiful town on a lake. Plus, West Kelowna has lots of walkable farm paths.  is on sale starting at just $200 each way. Toronto starts at $104. For Toronto, neighborhood is everything. Woof Woof liked walking around lakeside and the Bloor-Younge area.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue actually gives dogs 300 frequent flyer miles for flying. You can’t get more pet friendly than that. The fee is $125 for an in cabin pet. Jet Blue flies among quite a few cities. Unfortunately, a few Caribbean islands don’t accept pets.

Now, for the sales. Go to New Orleans as early as June 10th for $84 each way for your human ticket. New Orleans is extremely dog friendly. Traveling to Mexico City starts at $134 each way.


Woof Woof Stays in a 5-Bed Airbnb in Miami

Woof Woof was recently in Miami for the Kidscreen children’s television conference. I decided to save money and experience a little bit of local Miami culture by getting an Airbnb. The hotel room at the conference would have cost over $300 per night.

For just over $100 per night on sale (individual Airbnbs offer seasonal sales), I found an Airbnb that had 5 beds in 1500 sq. feet converted warehouse for Woof Woof to explore. I figured if he wasn’t allowed at the conference, I would give him an entertaining space.

He chose the bed closest to the floor for naps. He loved the shaggy pillow on the  curvy couch that sat twelve people. For playtime, he was a fan of the sloped beanbag bed in the living room. Perfect play hill! When I threw his toy to him, he’d run around my head and squeak the toy before running back to the wood floors. 

The letter blocks didn’t seem to interest him. The half mannequins didn’t amuse him either. Some were the bottom half and others were the top half. He loved sitting next to me on the couch in front of the kitchen table.

He never played on the platform bunk bed. It didn’t seem like the safest place for a 15-pound mini schnauzer. I think he has great jumping skills, but I don’t want to test them from 8 to 10 feet above ground.

The neighborhood was filled with coffee shops with huge patios. Not one coffeeshop in the Wynnwood area rejected Woof Woof. He could pretty much go wherever he pleased.

Oddly, when you’re in the midst of a hectic conference, a studio with a leopard print fridge provides a bit of a campy yet peaceful break. Plus, it has a giant doggie playpen. I guarantee the cleaners who are used to hosting whole rock bands were pleased to see just one woman and a dog walking out.

We’d definitely recommend it for any pet or human. 🙂

Happy travels!