Hi, everyone!

Thank you for visiting Woof Woof Travels, a site dedicated to providing the best information possible to overwhelmed pet parents traveling with pets. The goal is to help pets travel with their families in the best, safest, and most enjoyable ways.

I’ve written articles about pets and travel for most major US airline magazines and pet articles for Reuters.com, CBS, and Modern Dog. My inspiration is my dog Woof Woof. He’s a mini schnauzer / terrier mix, who showed a love for travel, veggies and exploration at an early age. At 7 weeks, he came home from Texas on a 25-hour car ride. He never peed or pooped in the car once and found his happy place peeking out of my purse in restaurants and looking out car windows. The result was my very first travel article with him in Costco Connection.

As special as Woof Woof is, he taught me even more how special other dogs and cats can be. His pal Enzo, a three-legged dog, taught him how to be off leash and actually come back to me at the park. Some of the veggies he eats were inspired by the culinary habits of his dog park friends. I’ll keep sharing what we learn along the way. We’ll also share food pictures by Victor, a French chef, and Reeth Mazmuder, Bollywood Lede Actress and Woof Woof’s intern. Her pictures captures a dog’s soul, like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Stayed tuned for more episodes of a national and international travel show called Woof Woof Travels in the video section. The first video featured Woof Woof meeting Santa in the Arctic Circle in Finland! It’s voiced, directed, and co-written by the incredible national voice over artist Adam Hargus. Woof Woof has food, lodging and activity opinions in each destination. We look forward to hearing your pet’s travel stories, too. 🙂

With Gratitude,

Reyna and Woof Woof