Pet Friendly Travel Review: Kimpton Hotel Monaco in DC

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a conference located at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in DC, which is known for an exceptional dog friendliness. 

When we arrived, there were treats on top of the reception desk, and I honestly wasn’t sure if the bellman was opening the door for Woof Woof or me. We were equally acknowledged. 

To the side of the reception desk was a welcome area for Woof Woof including area a canine statue with top hat, a water bowl, and a doggie puzzle kit. Woof Woof sniffed every inch because he wanted to meet every past doggie by scent.

In the room, he played in the curtains and plopped down on the dog bed. As Woof Woof is only 13” tall, he didn’t notice the dramatic ceilings that must have been well over 12’ high. There was a shelf over 10’ feet off the ground with a bust of a past U.S. president. I enjoyed looking up at the political decor as much as he enjoyed looking out the window.

Outside of the room, he was allowed nearly everywhere in the hotel including conference rooms. At the cocktail hour in the lobby, he had a free cup of water and a doggy treat while I had a free glass of wine and appetizer. 

Woof Woof would strongly recommend Kimpton hotels for the hospitality and the dog scents from past guests. 

If you’re worried Kimpton Hotels might be out of your price range, you’d be surprised. I just scored a great deal on another Kimpton Hotel on Hotwire. Plus, they run specials on their website, don’t charge pet fees, and generally have free cocktail hours. Thus, my purse strings recommend Kimptons, too. 🙂