Woof Woof’s Halloween in Brooklyn

I’m never going to go all out for a Halloween costume for Woof Woof. He’s going to have one off the rack, or I’ll make one that’s relatively simple. This year, he went as Mets pitcher Jacob DeGrom. The reason I chose him is Woof Woof already had his shirt from when he covered Bark in the Park with a press pass in May. I bought him a kids t-shirt for the event that fits him perfectly.

But a jersey by itself isn’t enough. So I went to Party City to look for a wavy-haired wig small enough to fit a mini schnauzer. It was a much tougher task than trying to find a toddler-sized t-shirt. All the wigs were sized for adults. Thus, the shortest wig we could find was one that was supposed to look like a comb over. To keep the wig on, I tied his dog Yamuka on top that he happened to have from his Bark Mitzvah.

Woof Woof shook off the wig when he got to the pup parade. His costume then changed to just Mets fan. Before the costume contest started, he looked for other dogs to play with. After all, the best of a pup parade for Woof Woof is bringing his friends together for a giant playdate.





Woof Woof Learns Conference Etiquette

Woof Woof has tagged along when I was speaking at two different conferences. He was also at a third one where I was an attendee. At FinCon, the financial bloggers conference, he was the only dog there. He was so happy to have all the attention and was definitely an asset when I spoke about networking. Who’s a better networker than a cute, well-behaved dog?

He was trained for conferences among other social situations. That’s why he was able to make it through a long day at a conference with only three barks. I never wanted to leave him in the room because everyone enjoyed having him there so much.

After this wonderful experience, I thought about what other humans should know who want to bring their dogs.

1. Give your dog public experience first in your hometown. This can be as simple as bringing him to dinner with you at an outdoor restaurant. If your canine pal barks once, say no and ask for a sit. Then, give a treat for good behavior.

2. Find out if the hotel and the conference are pet friendly. It can be a disaster if you bring your dog and there is nowhere for your canine to stay.

3. Make plans for when you have to leave your pet in the room. Some hotels will let you leave your pet in the room when you need to, others won’t. When you can’t get a pet sitter for when you’re at a banquet or other non dog friendly event, let the front desk know to text you if your canine barks.

4. Take your dog out at least every 4 hours for bathroom / walking breaks. Everyone needs a break from the 24 / 7 networking atmosphere of a conference. Imagine if you were 13 inches from the ground and surrounded by 600 60 inch or taller humans. The quick break will help your pet regroup.

5. Keep your pet on a short leash. Woof Woof is confident because he knows I’m close by. He let everyone pet him because I don’t bring a leash that’s longer than 4-feet long.









Rosen Plaza Hotel Orlando, Florida

Woof Woof ended his tour of the Rosen Hotels at the Rosen Plaza. It’s a short distance from the Rosen Centre via the skybridges that connect both hotels to the convention center. The walking bridge is worth a trip for your pet. Woof Woof loved walking across and smelling the trees and grass below that are a small sampling of the nature the Florida Everglades have to offer.

It’s missing two amenities that are present at the Rosen Centre: a spa for humans and a grassy area for a doggie bathroom. Essentially, the closest canine bathroom is a grassy area by the CVS that’s a one-minute walk away. You’ll need to bring your own poop bags.

But while you’re letting “sleeping dogs lie”, a quote from the provided do not disturb sign for your pet, there’s a resort-style pool and whirlpool with a pool bar to enjoy. Another note for humans, I was very pleased with the health-conscious style of cooking at all Rosen Hotels. The salad had olive oil and lemon. And not gobs of olive oil. A bottle that is actual serving size. At the Rosen Shingle Creek, I had a kale chip snack and the Rosen Centre had whole wheat crust on their pizza. With a $150 per stay fee, this normally isn’t a place to bring your pet for one night, but it is a great place to stay for 3 or 4 days or more.

Rosen Centre and Rosen Shingle Creek Hotels in Orlando, Florida

How could a Brooklyn dog not feel comfortable in a hotel with two New York Delis? He barely knew he was in a hotel when he was staying at the Rosen Centre hotel. He didn’t roll around on the comfy bed like he normally does when on vacation.This was home and everyone treated him like he belonged there. The front desk staff asked all about his recent adventures. It was almost like he just came back from a long trip, and they wanted to hear his stories.

Beforehand, we were just down the road at another Rosen property, the Rosen Shingle Creek. FinCon, the annual Financial Bloggers conference, occurred the three days prior. Rosen hotels are dog welcoming and circle the Orlando Convention Center area. It was his intro to how his Orlando world would be. Almost everyone from staff to attendees stopped to pet him. He never had so much attention. The staff talked to me about their own dogs. Outdoors, the groundskeepers driving golf carts would stop and offer him water.

Elevators in the Rosen Centre definitely smelled like dog. He knew he wasn’t their first canine guest. The pet fee is a bit high at $150 per stay, but it covers up to 7 nights. If staying more than a couple of days, you’ll make the difference in not having to pay for doggie daycare or pet sitting services because your fully pals are welcome to stay in the room by themselves. When you walk them there is a special dog grassy bathroom area outside with poop bags and a trash can.

You will have to bring your own dog bowls as they aren’t provided. My back up plan if I forget is to ask for plastic or paper bowls. I always debate whether a hotel is pet welcoming if doesn’t have these amenities, but the staff did everything possible to make sure he always felt welcome.

Woof Woof Stays at the Crockett Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

Woof Woof is constantly on the hunt for smells and views he hasn’t seen or sniffed. So staying in a place that’s over a 100 hundred years old and across the street from the Alamo gave him the experience he longed for in Texas.


But it was hot. It was so helpful that the Crockett Hotel having water bowls in the lobby. He was seeking out water wherever we went. Each restaurant with outdoor seating gave him ice water in some sort of styrofoam container.


When in the hotel, he couldn’t go more than a few steps without someone wanting to pet him. He gave several sideways head hugs.


When it was time to take a nap, he brought the new stuffed toy the hotel staff gave him onto the bed.The hotel has a policy of only one dog per room. Maybe, it’s so each one gets enough attention.

Woof Woof Flies WestJet

When Woof Woof flies in a carrier, it’s honestly not his favorite thing. But overtime as much as he travels, he’s gotten used to it. When he gets upset for a moment, I reach my hand in and pet him. Recently, I’ve added giving him Canadian bacon training treats. He reacts to the Canadian Bacon treat the same way my friend’s child does to getting to hear Imagine Dragons’ Thunder – instant good behavior to receive quick reward.

We were happy flight attendants let Woof Woof’s carrier protrude from underneath the seat. I would have hurt him severely as the height allowance under the seat on the plane we flew on was much less than what we’re used to. Woof Woof is only 16 pounds, but he is quite tall. The underseat area in front of me wasn’t. The reason why was safety equipment cuts down the underseat storage area on some of West Jet’s flights.

Before you fly, ask the reservations agent about how much underseat room is on your plane. WestJet notes on its website “space beneath the seat varies by aircraft type.” If you get to the airport and your dog doesn’t fit underneath the seat, let the flight attendant know why. DO NOT push your dog underneath to fit. Dogs can get crushed and suffer varying degrees of injuries if squeezed too tightly.