Woof Woof Takes the C & J Bus from New York to Portsmouth, NH

I have several fears in life. One of the biggest ones: driving in Boston. Woof Woof had to meet with his marketing manager, Jane Harrell, in Portland, ME on Easter weekend. Plane and train prices were not great. If we wanted to rent a car, the prices weren’t much better.

After doing a bit of searching, I discovered the C & J bus to Portland, ME, followed by taking an Uber to Portland, ME. Provided there’s availability, the C & J bus is only $78 each way including taxes and everything. It’s not a normal bus. There are leather seats, tray tables, gluten free snacks, fruits, and a Kerrigan coffee maker in the back. It makes minimal stops and takes about 5.5 hours to get to Portsmouth. You can also take it from New York to several other New England locations including Boston.

For pets, it’s one of the most pet friendly modes of transportation there is. They have official pet tickets, and you have to sign a waiver that you are responsible for anything your dog or cat does. So good behavior is a must. The maximum weight allowance is 20 pounds. He sat on my lap most of the time, but he still had space to sprawl out on the floor when he wished. We brought a carrier for him, even though this particular driver didn’t require it. The rule on carriers seems to be one of courtesy. As long as your dog or cat isn’t bothering anyone, you probably will not be required to have your pet travel in one. If you forget your carrier when travel, cardboard carriers are available for purchase at a small.

The only problem we encountered was the lack of noise level. C and J asks for passengers to avoid cellphone usage for non emergencies. If I were traveling and knew I would need to make calls along the way, Amtrak would be my choice. However, Woof Woof would be required to travel in the carrier.

It was a pleasant trip that gave Woof Woof plenty of time to look out the window at the views of the North East. We’re planning on traveling C & J this week.

Happy travels. See ya out there.